Quagon Consulting

Quagon Consulting is the trading name of Michael Jeans, a management consultant with some 40 years' experience and now specialising in the development of top teams.


Helping your team to work more effectively

Michael would be committed to helping you to make your team more effective. He could work with you over a period of months or years providing input as and when needed – and when most valuable.

Strategy Deployment

Not just development of strategy but implementing it

Too much time and energy is often spent developing strategies that are never, or only partly, deployed. Not only is this a waste of time and energy, but also the whole strategic planning process may become discredited.

Non-Executive Roles

Providing an external perspective to Boards & SMTs

A Non-Executive Director (NED), or equivalent role, can offer much value to an organisation.

The role and time required will vary depending upon the needs of the organisation. Michael has fulfilled this role in a wide variety of organisations.